Business Plan

A copy of the Magic Flight Records LLC Business Plan for the "Weathervane Project" is available by Snail Mail only. Please include a self-addressed and pre-paid postage on a 9" x 12" envelope and forward to: "Weathervane Project" c/o Magic Flight Records LLC 2619 Ponton Ave. PO BOX 396 Bronx, NY 10461

Where Will The Money Go?

The American Cancer Society and/or it's affiliates ACS CAN (American Cancer Society Action Network), World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF), Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), and the American Institute for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, and local area Hospitals and/or agencies will each receive the bulk distribution of proceeds raised minus expenditures from the actual cost, production, and maintenance of the Weathervane Project. 

An Altruistic Approach

Magic Flight Records LLC is a for profit corporation but does require capitalization for the "Weathervane Project" which  is purely inspired and altruistic. It seeks and needs private funding. The company will designate a Fund Manager and has designated a bank depository for receipt of funds.

(For Global Cancer Awareness)

Global Cancer Awareness Video