(For Global Cancer Awareness)

​Weathervane is a project that includes the development of a music concept album aimed at raising a higher level of cancer awareness on a global scale. The inspiration from this project is drawn from personal experience with my mother's battle with metastasized breast cancer. Cancer changes lives, and on June 5th, 2014 it took my mother's. This initial work in progress has been financially supported and independently produced by Magic Flight Records LLC. But this project cannot be completed without your generous support. 

​Imagine what a difference it could make if everyone around the world could pledge just one dollar for Cancer Awareness. Medical research, treatment, therapy, and education for this global cause would thrive.

​The centerpiece of the Weathervane Project is a message through music. Cancer has afflicted its punishment on humanity far too long. This disease has no boundaries.

There are over two hundred types of cancer, each with different causes, symptoms, and treatments. These many types of cancer present a major public health problem. There is a fundamental need to generate new knowledge and awareness on a global platform through education.

I need worldwide volunteers. So please, join me, and generously give so together we can make a difference.

​Weathervane for Global Cancer Awareness. 

Thank You!

Robert Rossi


Owner, Magic Flight Records LLC


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